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Thai Basil Tofu with Rice

Now that we are home most of the time, why not make a special meal once in a while using these easy recipes. These dinner treats are great for the family or even if you are living solo. During these unprecedented times, we need some comfort, and there is nothing more heartwarming than comfort food.

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Roasted Pepper Pasta

This pasta is made with fresh Italian herbs, slow roasted red peppers and tomatoes, with little bit of cream to balance out the acidity. It’s an easy, simple recipe with a burst full of flavour.

Authentic Thai Curry

This recipe may not take a short amount of time, but it is worth the wait. The steps I’ve written out here are easy to follow. This Thai curry recipe is as close to the local joints in Thailand as you can get!  

Paneer Paratha Dumplings

Deliciously easy, and such a great snack for the Lunar New Year. Being an Indian bought up in Hong Kong, I had to mix the two concepts together to create this Indo-Chinese dish.


Veggie Burger with Homemade Burger Buns

Creating a good homemade veggie burger for any vegetarian is a safe go-to-meal for when you run out of ideas and time. Most Sundays we make it a burger night and since my husband doesn’t mind eating veg from time to time, this burger recipe is great for meat-eaters too. It’s light, fresh and the…

Vegan Lu Rou Fan (Taiwanese-Style Braised Pork Rice)

Lu Rou Fan is traditionally known as a Taiwanese street food favourite, made of braised minced pork with a savory/spicy sauce. A steamy bowl of white jasmine rice normally compliments this dish. I have created a vegan version of this mouth-watering recipe, using a plant-based pork alternative: OmniPork. OmniPork is designed to be an all-purpose,…

Thai Basil Tofu and Rice

Thai food is a perfect blend of sweet, spicy and zesty. It’s an amalgamation of flavours that fulfils all my cravings at once! This recipe is a staple dish in my home, and is inspired by our many travels to Thailand (pre-covid). I miss the amazing food you can get almost anywhere in Thailand, the…

Simple Chocolate Cookies (with vegan alternatives)

I always crave something chocolaty after dinner, to finish the last meal of the day. This recipe is perfect whenever you are craving just that. It is easy, with the perfect amount of sweetness. For those of you who are strictly gluten-free, you may use a gluten-free flour for this recipe, and for those who…


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