Veggie Maki Rolls

This maki roll is made with an assortment of semi-boiled asparagus, julienne cut carrots, cucumber and sliced avocado on a creamy cheese base. 

The sushi rice was actually korean rice, that was a shorter grain and extremely sticky! I simply used a tbsp of MIZKAN sushi seasoning to season the rice enough to get that semi-sweet sushi rice flavour. 

Note: 2 cups of rice is enough for 2 maki rolls (each cut into 6 pieces). 

I’ve recently learnt to appreciate the precision and technicality of Japanese cooking. It is truly amazing what extensive skills are needed to cook different types of food from the many cultures around the world!

Here are a few assortments of maki rolls you can make at home. Don’t forget to tag me or send me your recreations if you make this. I would love to share!

These maki rolls are made with rainbow rice from Unicorn Superfoods. I used the beetroot powder for red, matcha powder for green, immunity booster for yellow and blue spirulina for blue. Watch my IG story highlights to find out how to roll this up into a rainbow roll.

I used jalapeño, red pepper and spicy mayonnaise for this maki roll. I then cut strips of avocado and lined the outside of the roll once I finished slicing them. Top this off with roasted sesame dressing and it will taste even better!

For this maki roll, I used panko fried eggplant and avocado as the stuffing and Katsu curry for the sauce. Click on this link for the vegan Katsu curry.

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